How can we participate?

General Conditions

Institutions interested in becoming REPCI members should consider membership policies, meet the minimum requirements and contribute financially on an annual basis to maintain the project. They shall also submit an application to

User Types

A member is a person or institution who signs a participation agreement with the promise to publish research material in Open Access mode to share information as well as contribute financially to ensure the sustainability and permanence of REPCI`s Web presence.

A person who, through a REPCI member, publishes one or more documents in the repository to disseminate his publications.

A person or institution that contributes financially to sustain the project; he may have access to higher level of information and / or access other services.


  • Gain recognition for institutional publications.
  • Conserve object of patrimonial quality.
  • Gain institutional recognition.
  • Become a reliable information source for the users.
  • Become an information research source.
  • "It maximizes the visibility and potential impact of sources through interoperability tools."
  • Define and increase impact within the scientific community.

Policies and Standards

  • Understand and accept the mission, vision, objectives and policies of REPCI.
  • The institution must have and commit itself to managing its own documentary collection that fits into the defined policies of REPCI. The collection can be produced in digital or electronic format originating from a primary source.
  • Must hold a (1) digital/electronic collection or a collection with ample resources for future digitalization.
  • Must have a capable person able to manage the resources of the institution and flexible enough to adapt to changes and new contexts.
  • Participate in planned activities for REPCI members (forums, training and video calls among others).
  • Must have access to adequate technology and the required technological support (computer, internet, scanner), in order to participate in the required processes.
  • Must be prepared to identify, organize, convert, maintain and update their digital collections according to the established procedures.
  • Must be able to contribute financially on an annual basis to ensure the maintenance and long-term sustainability of the repository, once implementation has taken place.
  • Have collections of patrimonial value and/or collections of original content.
  • Manage licenses and permits copyright before uploading resources to the repository. REPCI will not be responsible for copyright infringements or plagiarism.
  • Select and evaluate the content of the collection.
  • Provide relevant, authentic and accurate knowledge and information.
  • Assign an editor and /or translator if needed.
  • Consider that no intellectual property right of products, software, systems or objects published in REPCI is acquired.
  • Do not publish advertising or publicity.

Type of Uploading

REPCI prioritizes the uploading authorization “Delegate”, where the personnel assigned by each institution shall be responsible for entering records into REPCI. The system is based on the following structure:

  • General System Administrator: has all permissions.
  • Section System Administrator: can only modify records within the assigned area.